Harbaugh Serenaded By Sparties In Last Minutes Of Michigan Loss!

Last night as the clock ticked down on sparty’s 80-67 victory at Crisler, the remaining MSU fans stood and serenaded John Beilein and Jim Harbaugh with a rousing chorus of “just like football….”  I loved it!  There is nothing better than watching sparty feed the bear in Ann Arbor, it appears as if they are squeezing every last bit of Brady Hoke and Rich Rod that they possibily can before the tide turns for the rivalry.


Things will be different in Ann Arbor after last night.  John Beilein’s wolverines will be healthy and more experienced next season, the man has already proven that he is Tom Izzo’s equal.  The real fun will be watching new Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh rebuild the Michigan program that should surpass Mark Dantonio’s squad in East Lansing.  Face it, Dantonio is a good coach, but he isn’t considered one of the top coaches in the game at all levels.

When I heard of the sparties chanting last night, I couldn’t help thinking of this phone call….

The tide is turning….enjoy the moment.

Harbaugh Mentoring Bryce Petty (Baylor) And Jameis Winston (FSU) Is A Big Deal For Michigan

Earlier today Michigan Football tweeted a picture of Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh coaching up the Florida State and Baylor QB’s at Schembechler Hall in Ann Arbor.  Harbaugh’s QB lineage includes taking Rich Gannon to a Pro Bowl season with the Oakland Raiders to creating an NFL QB in Josh Johnson at San Diego to developing Pro Bowler Andrew Luck at Stanford to reviving Alex Smith’s NFL career to making Colin Kaepernick an elite-level performer with the San Francisco 49ers.

I can’t imagine it is a bad thing for recruits to see Harbaugh working with some of the top QB’s in the college game as they prepare for the NFL combine.  Harbaugh is seen as a QB guru and this will only make top tier high school recruits more interested in the program.  It also should give Michigan fans some amount of comfort knowing if there is a guy who can help Shane Morris or any other Michigan QB get ready for 2015, it’s Harbaugh.

Monday Michigan Football Roundup!

247 Sports says there is no reason to doubt Harbaugh at Michigan. Not sure who is doubting Jim, but it’s an interesting read.

From Maize n’ Brew: Jim Harbaugh is attempting to change the culture at Michigan. One way that’s different from the past? Twitter. Not sure how how twitter changes the culture, but let’s go with it.

Phil Callihan takes a look at position by position grades for 2015.

From Mlive.com, Jim Harabugh and Michigan will host a handful of top prospects Tuesday in Ann Arbor.

Anthony Broome from Maize N’ Brew Looks At Tuesday’s Visitors.

A Look at the 2015 Running backs competition for Michigan.

In case you missed it, Harbaugh talks to a Bay Area Reporter who got the whole Harbaugh story wrong, then was angry at Michigan fans who called him out.  Listen to the podcast here.

Maize and Blue News looks at key position battles to follow this spring.


PODCAST: New Big House Nation Podcast!

I had so much positive feedback on out podcast last week that I brought Art Regner back for some more Michigan football and basketball talk.  Hope you enjoy more of Art & Gregg on the latest episode of Big House Nation.

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Is Michigan Going To The Rose Bowl? ESPN Thinks So….

At least one ESPN expert, Brad Edwards think Michigan will make major waves under Jim Harbaugh in his first season in Ann Arbor.  Edwards picks Michigan to play Oregon in the Rose Bowl on January 1 is Pasadena. Edwards points out:

This game is guaranteed to be Big Ten versus Pac-12, and I’m going out on a major limb by picking Michigan to have first-year magic under Jim Harbaugh (remember, Brady Hoke reached the Sugar in his first year). What I like is that Michigan has recruited well in recent years and has the most returning starters in the conference. Harbaugh must find a productive quarterback, but having all starters back on the offensive line helps, as does a schedule that sends Michigan State and Ohio State to Ann Arbor. The season opener at Utah is a huge game for this prediction. On the other side, I’m thinking Oregon loses the Pac-12 title game to USC but doesn’t fall from the top 10 without Marcus Mariota. I chose the Ducks over UCLA for this spot, because they have a better track record of replacing productive QBs without too much trouble.

I think Edwards is a bit optimistic for Michigan in Harbaugh’s first year, but I do think it is possible, not probable for Michigan to finish second on the B1G, which would likely send them to the Rose Bowl.  All they would have to do is take care of business in the B1G and upset just MSU or OSU, who both visit Ann Arbor.  I’ve believed since Harbaugh was hired that Michigan will pull the upset on MSU or OSU in 2015, they return the most starters of any B1G team.  If Harbaugh can find a QB to run his offense in 2015 there possibilities are endless.

The interesting point in this article is Edwards believe MSU’s will take a step back if there is a resurgence in A2, why else would he pick Michigan to play on New Years day and not MSU?

Do yourself a favor and read some of the hilarious comments after the article, it will keep you laughing all day.

Is Michigan Looking To Add A New Fight Song?

According to the Michigan Daily, the University of Michigan is looking into adding another fight song to its game day repertoire.

“The Victors” could soon have a modernistic younger sibling. If a resolution presented to the Central Student Government on Tuesday night passes, the body will provide funding to a group of students looking to develop an additional thematic song to play at University athletics events.

Click here to read the whole article.  This will never happen, Michigan fans have no desire to have any other song but “The Victors” played at Michigan athletic events.  I believe this idea will be met with a huge outcry, attempting a new fight song will cause a bigger uproar than the “halo” that Tom Goss has put on Michigan Stadium after a renovation.

There is an odd twist, some want Eminem involved with the writing and producing of the new song.

Click here to read the whole article.

Jim Harbaugh’s Brilliant Tweet Cuts Deep In Columbus

Don’t think for a minute that the Harbaugh tweet wasn’t perfectly planned and executed to perfection.  Harbaugh sent the tweet below in the wake of the Mike Weber situation with OSU.  If you aren’t aware of the “Weber” situation, let me bring you up to speed.  Weber is a Cass Tech running back who chose OSU over Michigan, within 24 hours it was announced that Weber’s position coach was leaving the Buckeyes.  Weber tweeted this when he got the word that he had been deceived.



It is also being reported that an OSU beat writer had the story of Buckeye running backs coach Stan Drayton leaving but didn’t report it until after Mike Weber signed with Ohio State. I don’t know what the truth is, but it looks really bad for Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer.  This type of behavior is exactly the type of stuff that gets coaches banned from High Schools and Cass Tech Head Coach (for U of M running back) Thomas Wilcher said as much over the weekend on WTKA. Which brings me to the execution of the Harbaugh tweet below:    

Harbaugh isn’t trying to slam Meyer, he’s laying the groundwork with High School Coaches that Urban Meyer isn’t to be trusted with their kids.  It’s a brilliant strategy that nobody has ever exploited against Meyer.  I’m not sure anybody in the SEC would have benefited from this, but I think the B1G is a little different in that deception isn’t look upon as a positive.  Jim Harbaugh knows he has to find every chink in Meyer’s armor and this may be the perfect place to start chipping away at Meyer’s success in Columbus.  It will be interesting to see how this Urban Meyer v. Mike Weber situation plays itself out in 2016.

I personally think Weber is a drama queen who should take his medicine and stick with his commitment.  The kid and his parents are clearly high maintenance and I’m of the opinion they would be more of a headache than a positive in Ann Arbor.  Here is a nice little missive about Michigan fans that Weber’s mom fired off over the weekend.  Good riddance and best of luck in Columbus.


The Mike Weber Nonsense.

Pardon me if I can’t conjure up a good cry for Mike Weber today, I think the whole situation with Ohio State is ridiculous.  To me this is simple attention seeking behavior from Mike Weber, am I suppose to believe he is really upset that an assistant coach left Ohio State?  Gimme a break, Urban Meyer is still there and that is who he signed up to play for, not the running backs coach.

To me this is Mike Weber still being a bit torn about who he decided to play for and he’s just making noise because he can, he’s staying with OSU.  Why would Michigan fans even want the kid as this point, he decommitted as Maryland was taking the lead over Michigan last fall and reaffirmed his commitment to the Buckeye on Wednesday. I don’t think he’s a Michigan guy, he is a buckeye at heart and wants to be in Columbus, let it go Michigan fan.

Michigan fans are excited because they actually think he might try to go to Michigan, it isn’t happening.  Urban Meyer is not going to let him out of his LOI, no way!  Keep in mind this is standard operating procedure at many schools, Roquan Smith is having the same issues with UCLA only he got word of the assistant coaches departure from the Georgia staff BEFORE he submitted his letter of intent.

The NCAA really needs to look at this practice and make an exception for kids who sign up to play for a coach who isn’t there 24 hours after they sign.

Mike Weber needs to man up and realize who he got in bed with, I’m sure this isn’t the last time his feelings will be hurt at Ohio State.

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Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Good, Bad & Trolls

Here’s a look at what some experts think of Jim Harbaugh’s first class at Michigan.

Nick Baumgardner discussed Michigan’s 2015 class and looks forward to 2016

Tim Sullivan in The Free Says Michigan 2016 class will be better

John Niyo says Harbaugh’s refurbishing project is underway

Mgofish with a great look at Michigan’s 2015 recruiting timeline

Michigan may be getting a grad transfer reports the San Jose Mercury-News

Pat Caputo with yet another idiotic column about Michigan. Clearly pushing his sparty agenda, sounds like a guy who is more than a little butt hurt.  Bad look for an “alleged” impartial journalist, embarrassing.  This guy just can’t write a column without shilling for Sparty.

Here’s Drew Sharp, reporting on a man who he claims was never coming to Michigan, discussing Harbaugh’s first class.  I’ll never understand how this guy is allowed to piss all over his readers and still keep his job.