Ohio State Player Jab’s At Michigan’s Deal With Nike

I will admit, I don’t get the excitement over the new Nike deal with Michigan.  I never understood why it mattered to recruits or fans, it is actually a bit depressing that grown men are so excited about the deal.  I understand the recruits liking it, but the hype was a bit over the top.  The financial windfall for the University is obviously important as they will receive nearly $10 million a year according to the deal.

While Michigan was celebrating the new Nike deal, an Ohio State Buckeye took to twitter to air his frustration over “Michigan hype”

From Darron Lee’s Twitter Account:



Eh, just your typical rivalry stuff.  There isn’t much to get worked up about, he’s clearly frustrated that Ohio State just won a National Championship and appears to be taking a seat BEHIND Michigan on the hype machine.

Personally, I’m tired of the hype machine, it’s gone on long enough, time to start winning on the field.


Pitt Recruits Decommits Ahead Of Visit To Michigan

New Pitt Head Football Coach Pat Narduzzi is feeling the sting of losing one of his top recruits.  DB Tony Butler has decided to open up the recruiting process and is scheduled to visit Michigan on July 15.

If you are a Michigan fan you have to love the fact that Narduzzi could be losing a good recruit to Michigan, has to be some kind of justice there, no?

Butler is a three star prospect out of Lakewood, Ohio and is high on the Wolverines, check out the crystal ball predictions from the recruiting experts. Most think Butler is a heavy Michigan lean as he starts the recruiting process from scratch.  


VIDEO: Colin Cowherd Cuts Short Interview With Harbaugh

This is great.  Sorry, but it’s also vintage Harbaugh.

JIM HARBAUGH IS A HORRIBLE INTERVIEW.  This isn’t news.  Cowherd is a douche!  Nobody, especially recruits, cares how good an interview a coach is with the media, nobody.

Check out the video below.  Click here to read the whole story.