A Return To “Man-Ball” And The Latest B1G Bowl Projections

I don’t think Michigan has any delusions about what they say in Ann Arbor Saturday during Michigan’s 35-7 win over Oregon State.  The Beavers are a young, bottom of the pack Pac-12 team, the kind of team that Michigan use to steam roll with regularity.  Yes, there will be tougher sledding ahead and a few painful loses along the way but Saturday’s game marked Michigan’s slow return to “man-ball.”

“Man-ball” is what is currently being played in E. Lansing and Harbaugh’s goal is to reinstate that style as be rebuild the Wolverines, although he may not have the personnel to completely maul opponents, you can see it all over his 2016 recruiting class with road-graders like five star offensive linemen like Ben Bredeson (6’4″ 280), Devery Hamilton (6’6″ 270), Michael Onwenu (6’3″ 367), and Eric Swenson (6’5″ 300).  Michigan is likely to also land four star OL Terrance Davis (6’4″ 307) and potentially another offensive lineman following the dismissal of Logan Tuley-Tillman last week.  Every one of these recruits is a highly recruited 4 or 5 star talent would would fit in with the new mauling offense that Harbaugh will employ with the Wolverines.

It was obvious in the second half that Oregon State wanted no part of tackling De’ Veon Smith on Saturday, the slow methodical pounding that Michigan put on OSU was just too much for a young, inexperienced team, they didn’t quit but they certainly didn’t have an answer for “man-ball.”  Just like Michigan has had NO answers for Michigan State in recent years!  What happened on Saturday marks the slow grind back to basic B1G football for Michigan, it is what Bo, Mo and Lloyd did for 40 years in Ann Arbor.  Maybe this time Michigan fans won’t want a “change.”

Here Harbaugh discuss the running-back play as the offensive line.

When asked about Oregon State potentially “quitting” or “giving up,” Harbaugh declined to comment.

Harbaugh isn’t a miracle worker, but he understands the fundamentals of B1G fooball and why they are important.  The spread is fun to watch and some teams win a ton with it, but the B1G and Michigan football are as much a mentality as it is execution, in this league you much pound your opponent.  Ohio State is the exception as they have multitudes of talent and can pretty much do as they please, but that will change and Michigan and potentially Michigan State stockpile more and more dynamic athletes to compete with the pounding and “glitz” of Ohio State.

Week 2 Bowl Projections 

I love bowl projections, so here is the latest from Jerry Palm.


Iowa: Holiday vs. UCLA

Michigan: Outback vs. LSU

Michigan State: Peach Bowl vs. Florida State

Minnesota: Foster Farms vs. Arizona State

Nebraska: TaxSlayer vs. Ole Miss

Northwestern: Pinstripe vs. Virginia Tech

Ohio State: Orange Bowl vs. Clemson

Penn State: Citrus vs. Georgia

Wisconsin: Rose vs. Oregon


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