Adam Rittenberg of ESPN Asked Other Coaches “How good has Jim Harbaugh made Michigan?”

Here is a sample from the article.  Interesting stuff!

“They’re as good as anybody in the nation at matching their offense and defense together,” a head coach who has faced Michigan said. “There’s a lot of teams that go a million miles an hour and they hurt their own defense. But [Michigan] knows who they are. They’re going to run the football, they’ll huddle, they don’t care about being ugly, they’ll do it and they’re so good on defense, it’ll frustrate some teams.

“Even if they end up punting, they get two first downs, they’ll make 25 yards, they’ll take five minutes off the clock and then they’re going to punt. They’ll win a lot of football games doing that.”

A defensive assistant who faced Michigan said the Wolverines’ personnel is better than expected, especially Smith at running back. Hoke brought in top-10 recruiting classes in 2012 and 2013, which made his middling results in recent years all the more perplexing.

“Their schemes were really sound,” the coach said. “They had some run game stuff we hadn’t seen yet, some things they did to use their tight ends that they hadn’t shown. They’re a special group on defense — fast, strong, physical. Their offense, the way that they control the ball, they’re going to be in every single game this year.”

Opposing Coaches on Jake Rudock.

Coach 1: “He’s OK. It’ll be tough because some teams will force them to have to throw the ball and that’s where they’ll struggle.”

Coach 2: “He’s going to hold them back, but he’s the best they’ve got, right? That’s why he’s not the starter at Iowa. The other guy [C.J. Beathard] is better.”

Coach 3: “I don’t think you really need a great quarterback in that scheme. If we got them in a situation where we knew they were going to pass it, that’s when I thought he’d struggle a little bit. He’s not that bad.”

Coach 4: “Their quarterback is asked to do the things he can do, which is pretty limited.”

As Coach 3 noted, Michigan isn’t asking too much of Rudock in its system, and when it does, he has capable weapons like tight end Jake Butt and wide receiversAmara Darboh and Jehu Chesson, both of whom have made significant strides. He had a solid performance against BYU — his only game without a turnover — and has become more effective as a runner in recent weeks.

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