Michigan fans already know this but Fox Sports Analyst had this to say about Michigan after watching practice this week.

“Brady Hoke underachieved to an enormous level with the talent that he had,” Klatt said on the Rich Eisen Show today. “When I went yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see the type of talent that they have, the physicality they have on the offensive line. They need to get better on the defensive line. Their defense last year was seventh in the country in total defense and now you’re going to take them and put them in a situation where they’re going to see less snaps because the offense moves at a slower tempo. That’s going to help their defense improve.

“I don’t think nine wins is out of the question. I could see nine wins.”

This isn’t breaking news, but it is interesting to hear it from somebody who doesn’t have a dog in the hunt, it is clear that Hoke couldn’t coach at the highest level, he was obviously over-matched and had no clue how to get the most out of his talent.  Michigan fans, at some level, believed that Michigan had talent.  Many of the players Hoke recruited were also coveted by more successful programs.  At one point he was on track to score the top class in 2015, but as the season dissolved, many decommitted.  You could also see the regression of Carr and Rich Rod players during Hoke’s tenure. The most damning indictment of Hoke’s ability as a Head Coach was his refusal to put on a headset, it made it pretty clear he was detached on game day and was no more than a carnival barker for the Michigan program.  I know some will not like this because Hoke is universally liked by most in Ann Arbor but the man was a failure on the big stage and now others are seeing it too.

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