PODCAST: Some Early-Season Michigan Football Predictions

In this edition of The Maize and Blu Sit-In, Gregg Henson and Art Regner discuss Jim Harbaugh’s international satellite camps, the Wolverines’ early-season predictions and the QB race.

PODCAST: Big House Nation With Freep.com’ Mark Snyder 3-4-16

In this edition of Big House Nation, Gregg Henson talks with Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press, who is covering Michigan football’s spring practice in Florida. What will the 2016 roster look like for the Wolverines?

PODCAST: Big House Nation With Guest Jamie Morris

In this episode of Big House Nation, Gregg Henson talks with former Jim Harbaugh teammate and Michigan great Jamie Morris about Harbaugh’s work on the recruiting trail and how it compares to their former Coach Bo Schembechler.

PODCAST: Big House Nation With Dan Henson 2-10-16

In this edition of Big House Nation, Gregg talks with former coach at Utah and Arizona State, Dan Henson about recruiting, signing day and Harbaugh versus the SEC?


PODCAST: The Maize & Blu Sit-In 9-21-15

Today on the Maize and Blu Sit-In with Gregg Henson and Art Regner the guys discuss Michigan’s first three games under new Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.  They also take a look at the QB position ad the future of Shane Morris!


PODCAST: Big House Nation 9-8-15 With John U Bacon!

In this edition of Big House Nation Gregg talks with the author of “Endzone: The Rise Fall and Return of Michigan Football,” John U. Bacon. The guys discuss intimate details of the Dave Brandon firing and the Jim Harbaugh hiring as well as who some former Wolverines were campaigning to be the next head coach at Michigan, hint, there were multiple NFL coaches interested!

PODCAST: How A 43 Year Old Dishwasher Helped Michigan Land Jim Harbaugh

In John U. Bacon’s new book “Endzone: The Rise, Fall & Return Of Michigan Football” one of the more intriguing characters in the book is a guy know as “Beav,” check out the latest show to hear Beav’s story and contributions to the effort to get Jim Harbaugh to Michigan.  Beav (Al Flannelly) also give some great behind the scense info on the recruitment and return of Harbaugh to Ann Arbor.

Michigan QB Job Jake Rudock’s to Lose?

In this edition of The Maize and Blue Sit-In, hosts Gregg Henson and Art Regner discuss the Michigan quarterback and running back competitions, as well as Wolverine head coach Jim Harbaugh’s treatment of fifth-year seniors.


PODCAST: Big House Nation With Gregg Henson 7-15-15


Today on Big House Nation, host Gregg Henson talks with sportswriter Adam Biggers of TodaysU.com about the new Michigan Nike deal as well as some other off season issues. He also catches up with a Wolverine living in Columbus to get an in-depth look at how the Maize and Blue are treated behind enemy lines.

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National Writers Make Absurd Claim About Michigan “Masking Deep Issues”

There isn’t anything new in this podcast by Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel.

I’ll hold this up as a great example of drumming up content by simply putting Jim Harbaugh’s name on a post.  Listen to the podcast, they don’t even address the point they made in the headline about “masking deep issues” at Michigan.

This podcast appears to be complete baloney.  Am I missing something?  I didn’t hear them address “masking deep issues.”  The closest these guys come is concluding that Michigan is in a “rebuilding mode.”  Yes, they are in a bit of a rebuilding mode, but their assertion that 8 wins will be “lucky” is absurd, this program should get 8 wins minimum and with a little luck or an upset or 2 they could get to 9 or 10 wins.

It is very frustrating and unfortunate that this type of stuff makes it onto a major sports website as the headline is wildly misleading.  There aren’t “deep” issues at Michigan, they simply need better talent and that will come with time.  In the interview they didn’t even use the term “deep issues.”  Maddening.

Take a listen and let me know what  you think of the headline and the podcast.

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