Do The Nation’s Best WR And CB Want To Play Together At Michigan?

Two top recruits, 5 star 2017 WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (Detroit, MI) and 5 star California (CB) Darnay Holmes were featured in an edit by Clay Williams.   Peoples-Jones is the #6 recruit in the country and Holmes is the #8 ranked prospect for 2017.




It’s a bit of a long-shot that both of these guys end up in the class, but the recent contact between Holmes’ cousin Desean Holmes, who originally signed with San Diego State back in 2015 but never played for the school, has put Michigan on both prospects radar.


It’s Going To Be A Big Week For Michigan Football Recruiting

Malone Hatcher

As we teased last week, it looks like Michigan could be in for a big week on the recruiting trail.  The optimism reached new heights when  four-star DE Corey Malone-Hatcher announced on twitter that he would be committing on Thursday at 3:30 p.m.


Malone-Hatcher was long thought to be a strong Michigan lean so the timing of the announcement on the heels of the rumors last week seem to indicate that this is the first domino to fall in what should be a big week/month of recruiting for the Wolverines.

He is a four star prospect who ESPN ranks as the 254th best player in the country.  More from ESPN….

BOTTOM LINE: Malone-Hatcher is the prototype on the hoof, but he will need to settle into a position and develop and improve to reach his true potential. Given his size and strength, he could develop at LB or DE depending on scheme and further physical development. Regardless of where he lines up is a very good defensive prospect.

Malone-Hatcher would be Michigan’s 13th committment to the class of 2017.

The next major player to commit to Michigan is rumored to be top 100 player Luiji Vilain a DE from Alexandria, VA.

This will be a big month, indeed.



Michigan Loses Another Comittment For 2016


In a shocking turn of events, Michigan 2016 OL Recruit Devery Hamilton has decommitted from Michigan 2016 recruiting class and flipped his commitment to Stanford.  This isn’t great news as he was the only true OT in the class, but it certainly isn’t the end of the world.  When Hamilton committed to Michigan he had Stanford neck and neck with the Wolverines.

Keep this decomitt in mind when you start hearing criticism of the way Harbaugh recruits, these offers are not binding on either side and there is no shortage of players and coached screwing each other over at the last minute. This is exactly why the recruiting game has become so much more cut throat than it had been in the past, you have no choice as a coach than to recruit right up until signing day.  If you aren’t, someone else is and these players think nothing of decommitting.  So next time you shed a tear for Eric Swenson, remember Devery Hamilton.  It’s a cut throat game on both sides and the players are just as guilty as the coaches.

With Hamilton gone, it is unlikely that Harbaugh can pull a rabbit out of  his hat and land an OT at this point, I’m sure he could surprise us, but at this late date they will be better off grabbing two highly rated OT’s for 2017.   Massive OL Isaiah Wilson is on a visit to Michigan this weekend and has already names Michigan his leader.

Michigan may also look at this as an opportunity to turn Tyrone Wheatley Jr. and his massive frame into an offensive tackle, this move would depend on Wheatley’s willingness to play OL and the depth at TE.

For those asking and concerned, I’m told Michael Onwenu is solid with Michigan, but you know how that goes….


PODCAST: Big House Nation With Gregg Henson 1-20-16

In this edition of Big House Nation, Gregg Henson is joined by recruiting guru of, Eric Rutter. They discuss the Erik Swenson situation and give some insider info on who will end up as part of Michigan’s 2016 recruiting class.

Has David Long already committed to Michigan?


RUMOR: Longtime OL Committment Out Of 2016 Class

SwensonI talked to a few sources in Ann Arbor tonight and it appears longtime Michigan OL commitment Erik Swenson will not be part of the 2016 class.  Swenson committed to former Head Coach Brady Hoke in November of 2013 and until recently Michigan was prepared to honor his commitment.  I’m told the Wolverine staff made the decision to move on from Swenson based on his lack of improvement since his commitment. Before you get upset with the staff for waiting so long to inform the kid, relax, I’m told Swenson has been told for some time his commitment was not guaranteed and that he should have a backup plan, which he seems to have according to sources who now believe he has had contact with the staff at Northwestern.  The Wildcats could very well be his new team.

Many, myself included are more than a little taken aback by this news as Swenson was a loyal Wolverine prospect through the Head Coaching change but Harbaugh’s arrival is a game changer on every level.  We’ve all read about the “competition” edict at Michigan and that appear to extend to recruits now as well.  Harbaugh and his staff are in Ann Arbor to win and part of winning is making the tough decisions to ensure they recruit the best possible talent to Michigan.

As recently at January 3, 2016 Swenson was still excited about his spot in the class and looking forward to signing his LOI to play his next four years at The University of Michigan.

Harbaugh has to compete with Urban Meyer, Nick Saban and others at the same level, this is now “big boy football.”  Just as players change their minds, coaches do too. Michigan fans who are indignant to this type of recruiting need to ask themselves, do you want to win or do you want to always be the “good guy?”  Before you answer that question, check your social media posts from the past 7 years and tell me you were good with the results of the Wolverines under Rich Rod and Brady Hoke. The apparent late word to Swenson wasn’t that at all, he was well aware that he was on the radar and needed to show improvement during his senior year to keep his spot, apparently he didn’t achieve the goals set for him as a senior in high school, much like Matt Falcon who was told to skip his senior year in high school to rest his injured knee. Obviously Michigan would have taken Swenson if they didn’t have better options, that is a cold, hard fact, but at this point in the recruiting cycle Michigan appears to have a few options that they feel improve the football team more than Swenson.  Does it suck?  Yes.  Is it a new normal, certainly!  Welcome to the world of cut throat big time football.


Michigan DE Tells Other Teams, Get Lost!

2016 commit Westside (TX) DT Jordan Elliott has been the subject of MANY rumors that his commitment to the Wolverines is on shaky ground, it appears to be coming from one and only one Texas recruiting wonk and Elliott took to twitter to reaffirm his pledge to Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines.

Michigan In The Hunt For Top 2017 QB!

McCaffreyEd McCaffrey spent 13 seasons in the NFL, made one Pro Bowl and was a part of three Super Bowl winning teams, he also is the father of Heisman candidate and Stanford star Christian McCaffrey and highly touted 2017 QB recruit Dylan McCaffrey.

It’s still early in the game for McCaffrey’s recruitment, but according to Steve Lorenz of Wolverine247, Harbaugh and the coaching staff are positioning themselves nicely for the nation’s No. 2 pocket passer.

Michigan is perceived to be the early leader for McCaffrey.  From MGOBLOG, First, Rivals’ Blair Angulo reports that Michigan is the frontrunner for a commitment, “maybe even within the next few weeks.” Then today Steve Lorenz put in a ballz for McCaffery to Michigan.

Michigan’s 2017 class is currently ranked #17 by 247 sports.



Ohio State Making A Late Push For Rashaun Gary!

This is an article from NJ.COM about the recruitment of the nations #1 recruit Rashaun Gary.  Gary has long been considered a “Michigan lean,” but new OSU DC Greg Schiano is making a late push using….academics at Ohio State as a selling point?

If academics matter, the only choice out of his finalists is Michigan.  Alabama, Ol’ Miss, LSU and Auburn just aren’t in the same category in terms of education.  Ohio State isn’t in the same galaxy.

From Gary’s mom:

“He wanted to know what to sell. I said the academics. I told him about the academic presentation I had from the school, and that we weren’t happy with it,” Coney said. “And you don’t get a second chance at an academic presentation when I know how serious academics are.”

Schiano, who put an emphasis on education while at Rutgers, said he was prepared to combat the first impression Coney and Gary had received.

“He told me what he did at Rutgers and I said I heard that academics were paramount at Rutgers when he was there. And he said he’s going to do the same thing at Ohio State. And I said, ‘Well, that’s good, but signing day is right around the corner and there is no luxury of time. We don’t have it.’  And he said, ‘Well, I’m not talking about weeks, I’m talking about getting to the bottom of it, right now.'” 

Sounds like the kid is going to Michigan.

Read the complete article here.

Nations Top TE Recruit Puts Michigan In His Top 3!

While many experts believe top TE target Issac Nauta will end up at Georgia, he still listed Michigan in his top 3.

It’s not hard to figure out why a top TE would want to play for Harbaugh, the Michigan Head Coach is one of the mot tight end-centric coaches in America at an level.

You have to think Jake Butt’s success in his first year under Harbaugh has opened more than a few eyes around the country for your high school prospects who plan to play tight end in college.

If Michigan reels in this big fish and Rashaun Gary, the 2016 recruiting class could feature the top players in the country at running back, tight end and defensive line.  Who would have thought that was possible twelve months ago???


SB Nation Predicts Rashan Gary Will Land At….


Bud Elliott from SBNation has posted an article predicting when the remaining five star recruits will end up on national signing day.  This is what he says about the #1 recruit in the country.

The first school the 6’4, 290-pounder (who can run a 4.74 40) mentioned when I interviewed him in 2014 was Alabama, and the Tide have been on this Garden State prospect for a long time. Other SEC schools like Georgia and Auburn, as well as ACC school Clemson are trying to get in the mix. Ole Miss has done a great job working on he and his mother as well, and I’m told they are close with Ole Miss offensive tackle commit Greg Little.

But my pick for the country’s No. 1 overall recruit is Michigan. Gary’s former coach Chris Partridge is the new director of recruiting operations, and two former teammates of Gary’s, Jabrill Peppers and Juwann Bushell-Beatty, are also in Ann Arbor.

Click here to see where Elliott thinks the remaining five star recruits will end up.