Florida State Fans Are Not Happy With Winston’s Comments on Michigan/Harbaugh

When I heard Jameis Winston talk about Michigan last week, I cringed when he he said he loved Florida State but heavily praised Harbaugh and Michigan. “It was a blessing to meet a guy like that. It was an honor to meet him. All of his accomplishments, and the type of coach that he is, I wish I could have played for him.” When he said it, I knew it wasn’t going to sit well with Seminole fans and it hasn’t.

I personally didn’t think he was slighting his own coach at first, but maybe he was taking a dig at Jimbo Fisher, whom he obviously has some tension with during his last season in Tallahassee.  Remember, he was pulled during the Rose Bowl and was seen arguing with his FSU Head Coach following one of his interceptions.

What do you think, was Winston intentionally taking a shot at Jimbo Fisher or was he just hanging out in Ann Arbor with a QB guru?  Bryce Petty didn’t go out of his way to say he “wished he could have played for Harbaugh.”

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