Forty Niners Owner Trashes Jim Harbaugh Again!

I can’t figure out what Jed York’s angle is with this Jim Harbaugh campaign.  Today he slammed Harbaugh again and claimed that the Niners were “getting away from their core strengths.”  Huh?  Harbaugh had huge success with the Niners in just four years, what is this dummy talking about?

It’s clear that Jed York is another clueless owner like William Clay Ford, he’s made one mistake after another and running off one of the best coaches in football is his biggest mistake of all, remember, Harbaugh was not intent on leaving San Francisco, he was ready to stay and make a long term commitment.  It is obvious the problem all along wasn’t that Harbaugh “wore out his welcome,” it was York from the start.

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We’re trying to win a Super Bowl,” York said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “We haven’t been able to do that. And I think what we’re trying to do is build a team that focuses on our core strengths. I think we got away from that a little bit. I think we tried to do too much and be something that we weren’t. I think you’re gonna see us get back to the basics, get back to letting our players go out and make plays. . . . You look at our offense last year. It wasn’t I think where it should have been. I think we have better talent than what our results showed.”



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