Hackett WAY Overreacted to Blake O’Neill “Death Threats”

I understand why he did it, but I think it was an overreaction for Michigan AD Jim Hackett to respond to imbeciles threatening Blake O’ Neill on Twitter.  It’s not a big issue but why validate this type of behavior from the minority of idiots on social media, it will only embolden them to do it again.  It appears the offending twitidiots are young children themselves.

The whole “death threat” meme is so overblown, check out the tweets below, they are from kids and they certainly aren’t threats.  These tweets are nothing more than children being stupid.  How about we stop worrying about tweets!


No amount of scolding or issuing statements will prevent children from acting like children.  In this day and age of “look at me,” I honestly believe Hackett’s response will only create more stupidity.  Don’t you think there is some dumb kid out there saying “Michigan responded to my tweet?”  Now the bar has been raised and the next tool box will try to top the insanity.

Note to the world, stop worrying about twitter, it isn’t the real world.  The internet activists are almost as bad as the people who tweet stupid stuff, who has time to track down every dingle berry on social media?  An idiot with no life, that’s who!


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