harbsHere is a great article from John U Bacon about Harbaugh’s first three months at Michigan.  The article is interesting and not at all over the top, it’s just an update on what is going on with the program.  Do yourself a favor and have a laugh today, read the comments below the article.

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but MSU and OSU fans cannot help themselves when reading about Harbuagh, they have to respond, they have to comment. They have to hate! I know sparties and buckeyes claim they are unconcerned about Harbaugh, but their actions and comments certainly tells me that Jim Harbaugh has captured the attention of programs to the north and the south for some reason.

My favorite comments are below.


comment 2

Did you enjoying yourself?  These comments are laughable.

Jim Harbaugh will never be a bust at anything he does, he’s 51 years old and has never failed at anything football related.  He’s won as a player and he’s won as a coach.  He turned San Diego around, he completely rebuilt Stanford and he took the Niners to the NFC Championship in 3 of his 4 years in the NFL.  The guy is a proven commodity, what more does he have to do to gain that respect from the opposition.  Unlike Urban Meyer and Mark Dantonio, Harbaugh had a long NFL career or he likely would have won a national championship by now.  He started his career later at a small time school and quickly hit the pinnacle of the sport, there is zero chance he is a bust.

As for the back to the NFL narrative, these people really need to get a grip.  Jim Harbaugh is at Michigan to stay.  It made zero sense for him to return to Michigan in the first place from a logical perspective, if he’d stayed in the league he would have gotten a ton of money from the raiders and never had to leave his house.  He wants to be at Michigan, he’s always wanted to be at Michigan and it is at Michigan he will stay, for a long time.  Part of Harbaugh’s move from the NFL to college was the realization that he was indeed a “college” coach and not a “pro” coach.  He likes the college atmosphere, he likes the kids and he’s a teacher at heart.  Those claiming he’s going back to the NFL are wishful thinking.

Say what you want, the comments from MSU and OSU only speak to one thing….discomfort with the direction in Ann Arbor.  Get use to it, it’s going to get a lot more uncomfortable…quickly.

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