Harbaugh To Michigan Timeline

I’m hearing a lot of stuff from the national media about Jim Harbaugh and I’m shocked that it is exactly the opposite of what I hear from Michigan insiders.  Logic matters in the process, emotion is what is driving the decision.

Let’s look at the process logically.  If Michigan hasn’t fired Brady Hoke already, there has to be a reason, otherwise it would be smart to have already started looking for a new coach so the program doesn’t lose out to Nebraska and Florida with external candidates.  What does it tell you that there isn’t any urgency in the program to make a move?  What I am hearing is that Michigan has already been given assurances that Jim Harbaugh wants the job but they need to buy some time.  Here is what I am told is happening.

Michigan’s Football banquet is Monday, Brady and Michigan AD Jim Hackett have a meeting later in the week.  Brady is expected to be terminated as J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach following the Hackett meeting.

Following Michigan’s termination of Hoke, Hackett will announce a search committee to buy two more week so Jim Harbaugh can finish his duties with the Niners.  The only monkey wrench if if the Niners make the playoffs, it would still be him but it would delay the process.

Now lets remove most of the logic in terms of Harbaugh’s decision making process. Keep in mind when you read the reports that he isn’t leaving the NFL or that his wife doesn’t want to leave the bay area that this isn’t about logic. This is all about emotion, applying logic to an emotional situation for Harbaugh is not going to work.  Jim Harbaugh doesn’t talk to anybody, the guy is Fort Knox, he is only talking to a select few with his dad Jack being the most important cog in the Harbaugh machine.

There is also further evidence in the way Brady Hoke is being treated. From the very start the Harbaugh’s have wanted Brady treated well and that is exactly what is happening.  He could have been fired quickly and violently like Bo Pelini, but he wasn’t, instead he gets to be at the banquet and bow out gracefully after a “thorough review” of the program.  It sounds like it was scripted by Harbaugh himself.

I’m not sure what is happening with Harbuagh but people at Michigan think this is a great possibility, the only thing we can do is wait and NOT believe every report from people who haven’t covered Michigan all season.  I’m not telling you I know everything, but the people who are talking to me seem to have had this thing nailed since day one.

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