Inside Info On Jim Harbaugh On HBO’s Real Sports!

Jim Harbaugh will be on HBO’s “Real Sports,” Tuesday at 10 pm.

I’m sure if these stories makes it into the show, but I observed a couple of incidents between the Coach, Andrea Kramer and her staff that should give you a pretty good indication of what Harbaugh is all about.

Kramer was at the Michigan spring game to interview Harbaugh and at one point she was baiting him to talk bad about the San Francisco 49’ers.  He continually refused and at one point he said “I’m not going to respond to insults.”  Kramer responded “I’m not trying to insult you!”  Harbaugh “it sure sounds like it.”  At that point Jim started to walk up the tunnel to the locker room while Kramer ran after him to clarify her point. Not a big deal, but good incite into how Harbaugh handles things.

There was also a funny story making the round among the Real Sports support staff, apparently HBO was allowed to watch practice one day with Harbaugh mic’d up.  During a play, one of Michigan’s players apparently got a little salty with the coach which prompted Harbaugh to remove his microphone, walk over to the player and calmly tell him, “if you don’t want to do it our way, then you can transfer you ass right out of here.”  You think Harbaugh’s messing around?

It is further proof that the Harbaugh staff isn’t going to put up with the crap than was prevalent under Hoke, the players will buy in or they will buy a plane ticket out of Ann Arbor.


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