Insight Into The Neal – Mattison Incident?

I’m only posting this because I think it’s fair to Greg Mattison to let people know more about Abraham Hoskins Jr, the recruits dad who “threw” Mattison out of his Omaha house Monday night.

This isn’t to say the kid’s dad is a dad person, but he did go on the radio and say “Michigan acted like we couldn’t afford or get him (Neal) academically eligible.”   I am of the opinion that his comments are a gross exaggeration of what likely actually happened.

If you check out Hoskin’s facebook page you will see that the guy clearly has a chip on his shoulder and was waiting to pounce on Mattison or any other coach at the first opportunity.

Look, Greg Mattison has been on the recruiting trail a long time, if you believe that he made some kind of out of line comment, I think you are dead wrong.  He’s not going to sit in front of a kid and insinuate what the kids dad says he heard.

I think this is a good deal for Michigan, sure you want a talented kid like Neal, but you definetly don’t want a dad like that around the program.  He would only be a problem down the road.

Here is his Facebook page, don’t post on it, just read what he’s about.

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