Is Jack Miller The Last Wolverine To Exit The Program?

Michigan’s starting center, Jack Miller left the program to pursue “other opportunities,” from what I am told, that is true, but it isn’t the whole story.

While Miller may indeed have lost his passion for the game, it happens more often than you would think, I am told he is among a few players who are simply not cutting it in the Harbaugh system.  I’m not here to trash Jack Miller who played hard at Michigan for four years, but it appears there are a few more players that will follow Jack Miller out the door.

According to my sources Spring practices has been nothing short of insane, they are practicing more than they did under Hoke, some practices are running nearly four hours, they are hitting more than they did under Brady Hoke and they are conditioning like maniacs.  I’m told the offensive lineman are having a particularly difficult time keeping up with the pace and many are exhausted.  The O-Line is being pushed like never before by Harbaugh and Drevno, they coaches believe the O-Line had a tendency to quit when the going got tough last year and have vowed that won’t happen in 2015.

My sources tell me to prepare for more attrition by the end of spring practice.  You have been warned.


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