Is Michigan Still In The Hunt For The Playoff?

I personally don’t think a two loss team from the B1G has a shot at making the four team playoff field, but Ben Axelrod of Bleacher Report lays out a compelling case for the Wolverines if they win out.

When Brandon Reilly’s route seemingly took him out of bounds before catching Nebraska’s game-winning touchdown in its victory over seventh-ranked Michigan State on Saturday, the controversial play was cause for celebration in more than just Lincoln.

If that wasn’t apparent as the Cornhuskers’ unlikely upset was taking place, it was in the moments following it, when Michigan tight end Jake Butt took to Twitter to share his thoughts on its rival’s still-fresh defeat.

“I knew God had our back. Lose on fluke to little bro and that’s how they had to go down,” Butt posted. “I am the biggest OSU fan now.”

While Butt’s younger brother would later take credit, or more accurately, blame, for the ill-advised tweet, a similar sentiment was already widespread in Ann Arbor—even if it puts the Michigan faithful in the unique position of rooting for rival Ohio State for the next two weeks.

Because provided the Buckeyes take care of business between now and their Nov. 28 trip to Michigan Stadium, the Wolverines once again control their own destiny in the Big Ten East—and potentially beyond. Reilly’s unusual touchdown against the Spartans on Saturday may have resulted in an even more atypical trail in Ann Arbor being formed, with the end game being a potential trip to the College Football Playoff for the Wolverines.

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