Local Report Claims Harbaugh Is Already “Rubbing People The Wrong Way” At Michigan

I just received this tweet.


When I saw the tweet at midnight I knew immediately the report came from Channel 4’s “Clubhouse Confidential” with Rob Parker.  How did I know, because it’s the kind of ridiculous reporting that Rob Parker has been know for his whole career. Remember, this is the guy who was fired for erroneously claiming RG3’s teammates thought he was a “cornball brother” for dating a white girl and falsely claiming MSU QB Kirk Cousins was involved in a brawl while at Michigan State.  It was later discovered that Cousins was in fact with his family at the time of the alleged brawl.

Harbaugh This is the type of report that destroys any credibility for Rob Parker had left. He’s a known bomb thrower who has seen his career die since the RG3  episode.  He is such a pariah in the sports world that NOBODY except channel 4 will even give him the time of day.  His friends tell me he is deeply  distraught over his employment situation.

 This latest Parker episode is sadly one last grasp for a guy who is simply unemployable, I’m guessing channel 4 will get huge backlash for this report as  there is absolutely ZERO truth to it.  Rob Parker is not a bad guy, I’ve known him for years and I’ve known him to play fast and loose with the facts to  further his agenda.  It has happened many times in the 20 years since I first met him, he’s a damaged guy looking to make a name for himself in an  industry that just doesn’t believe or value what he says anymore.  I can’t believe he even has the opportunity to deliver this stuff on WDIV. They clearly have no clue how destroyed his reputation is at this point in his career.   As a matter of fact, NOBODY with a decent reputation in Detroit wants to work with him in any capacity.  He is toxic. 

I’m pretty sure I know who Parker is talking too and I can tell you it’s a guy who was’t retained when Harbaugh took over the Head Coaching position at Michigan.  One disgruntled ex-employee isn’t a “movement.” I can also tell you that Rob Parker has zero connections within the Michigan football program, he doesn’t attend games and NOBODY even knows him in Ann Arbor.  I HAVE NEVER SEEN HIM AT A MICHIGAN GAME, EVER! This report is an out and out fabrication from a guy who is a pro at it.    If channel 4 and 105.1 think Rob Parker is the way to go, they have zero chance of gaining credibility with the Detroit audience, sports fans don’t want fabrication, they want real information.

I’m not here to tell you Harbaugh is perfect, because he isn’t, but EVERYBODY I’ve talked to associated with Michigan thinks Jim Harbaugh is doing everything exactly right in Ann Arbor.

I’m leaving an open invitation to Rob Parker right here to come on my podcast this week to defend these allegations, he will ignore it because he knows I will destroy this narrative with fact and call him out as a fraud.  He knows my number and when he reads this (and he will read it) he can get a hold of me to set up a time.  If is doesn’t happen, you know it was a complete and total fabrication.

Ignore this report, it’s the last gasp of a man’s dying career.  

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