Michigan Asks For Season Ticket Renewals.

Like many Michigan season ticket holders, I got my renewal notice today.

The deadline to renew my Michigan Football tickets is January 31, 2015.  I will not renew until I know who is Michigan Football Head coach in 2015.  I’m sure we will have our answer before the deadline.

I’ve been a Michigan football season ticket holder since 1997 and never in a million years did I think I would ever consider giving them up as I suspected my kids would someday like to have the tickets.  Face it, that is how it has been done for generations at Michigan.  The normal path was to hand them down to your kids because once you had the tickets, you just didn’t give them up as there was once a decades long waiting list.

Quite frankly, if Harbaugh or Miles isn’t stalking the sideline for Michigan in 2015, I am out.  This past season I used the tickets once, for App State, I couldn’t give the tickets away this past season…seriously, NOBODY wanted them for free.  I only went because it was the opening game of the season and I was optimistic.  I quickly figured out the team wasn’t going to be successful and stopped making the weekly trip to Ann Arbor.

So, I urge Michigan season ticket holder to sit on the renewal for 2015 until Michigan does the right thing and brings Harbaugh or Les Miles back to Ann Arbor.  Both are get-able and landing neither is a huge slap in the face to the very loyal Michigan fan base.

I for one am waiting….