Michigan Fans Concerned About The Harbaugh “drama?” Please!


I received a tweet from a big Michigan supporter last night who wondered “Does this much drama always surround him ? Like when he was at Stanford and San Diego ?”
When I asked him to explain himself, I got this…. “The Detroit high school coaches seem to have it out for him … The sec coaches are all hating . The petty bs hating that’s going on”

I’ll admit, I’ve not even considered the issue as I haven’t heard anything negative about Harbaugh from the PSL end and only the satellite camps appear to be an issue with the SEC coaches.

harbsI don’t see or hear anything negative about Harbaugh from the PSL or any Michigan High School Coaches, while most admit they don’t know Jim very well and are establishing relationships with the new staff at Michigan, they are all aware of Tyrone Wheatley. Wheatley is PSL royalty and he has had no problem gaining credibility and establishing relationships in the PSL, he’ll get his share of kids out of Detroit. The only issue that still lingers is the Mike Weber issue with Urban Meyer, I’m dubious about any long term negative effects for Ohio State, but time will tell as OSU is in on a few top 10 players in the State of Michigan. I’m thinking everybody will have a short memory when the coach of the National Champions comes calling.

As for Dantonio in the PSL and the State of Michigan, he isn’t exactly tearing it up as some would have you believe, he’s just doing what he always does, he’s grabbing a bunch of three star kids who fit his system and he’s only scored one kid so far from the PSL, a kid who isn’t ranked in the top 10. For their part, Michigan has #7 in Michigan (Falcon) and #11 (Reese). I wouldn’t call that significant progress for Sparty….yet.

Personally, I don’t know why any B1G fan would care if the SEC coaches are bitching. Why concern themselves with the biggest group of cheating, hypocrites in America? These guys have been skirting the rules for decades and it went unchallenged. The B1G finally has a group of coaches who are going to compete and B1G fans take is as drama? Stop! The B1G finally has the stomach for the fight, embrace it. It appears the B1G is no longer content to sit on its ass while the SEC wins National Championships.

For Michigan’s part, the days of apologizing are over, the have a coach who will win and win big, with no apologies. Jim Harbaugh isn’t going to apologize if his team jams a stake in the turn at sparty stadium and he certainly isn’t going to back down from the SEC. Either the B1G coaches are on board or they aren’t, those who aren’t will likely be asking Harbuagh “what’s your deal” very soon.

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