Michigan Halts The Sale Of “Michigan Sniper” T-Shirts And Other M Notes

The University of Michigan has issued a cease and desist to the t-shirt company selling “Michigan Sniper” shirts.  The shirt is an offshoot of Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s recent tweet regarding the “American Sniper” controversy on campus movie controversy!


“The shirt you are referencing was not authorized by the athletic department or Coach Harbaugh,” Athletic Department spokeman Dave Ablauf said in a statement today, the Michigan Daily reports. As of right now, no word on if the shirt will be pulled. I don’t know if Michigan can really do anything other than request the shirt sales be stopped as it doesn’t appear there is any copyright violation on the shirt, no logo and no other trademarked items appear on the shirt.  On second thought, that block M and Harbaugh’s signature will have to go if the company continues to sell the shirt. shirt There is still no word on a potential home night game for Michigan in 2015.  They have already scheduled two night road games, Utah and Maryland are both kicking off under the lights, but when asked directly about a night game at Michigan stadium Athletic Director Jim Hackett would only say  “hang in there, an announcement’s coming.” I really don’t understand why university officials are so afraid of a night game in Ann Arbor against Michigan State.  It isn’t like the crowd could get any more drunk than they already are for a 4 p.m. start and it would be a HUGE day for the whole state of Michigan.  I personally think a night game in Ann Arbor could be a large coming out party for new Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh as it would give him the opportunity to tally a signature victory in front of an extremely friendly crowd.  Michigan shouldn’t shy away from this opportunity.  If there is a rival Michigan can beat this season, I think the best shot is at Sparty.

Check this out from The Detroit News.  One of Jake Rudock’s Iowa teammates called him out and said he was surprised he didn’t stay at Iowa and “fight” for his position.  While that is certainly the manly thing to say, he is clearly speaking out of ignorance.  Most fifth year seniors know if they have a job or not, Rudock clearly didn’t have the starting position at Iowa locked up and if there was uncertainty, why wouldn’t you pack y our bags and go to work with Jim Harbaugh for a year in the hopes that his mentor-ship would give you the opportunity at getting NFL ready?  If Jim Harbaugh wasn’t at Michigan, you can bet Rudock would still be at Iowa.

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