Michigan Loses Another Comittment For 2016


In a shocking turn of events, Michigan 2016 OL Recruit Devery Hamilton has decommitted from Michigan 2016 recruiting class and flipped his commitment to Stanford.  This isn’t great news as he was the only true OT in the class, but it certainly isn’t the end of the world.  When Hamilton committed to Michigan he had Stanford neck and neck with the Wolverines.

Keep this decomitt in mind when you start hearing criticism of the way Harbaugh recruits, these offers are not binding on either side and there is no shortage of players and coached screwing each other over at the last minute. This is exactly why the recruiting game has become so much more cut throat than it had been in the past, you have no choice as a coach than to recruit right up until signing day.  If you aren’t, someone else is and these players think nothing of decommitting.  So next time you shed a tear for Eric Swenson, remember Devery Hamilton.  It’s a cut throat game on both sides and the players are just as guilty as the coaches.

With Hamilton gone, it is unlikely that Harbaugh can pull a rabbit out of  his hat and land an OT at this point, I’m sure he could surprise us, but at this late date they will be better off grabbing two highly rated OT’s for 2017.   Massive OL Isaiah Wilson is on a visit to Michigan this weekend and has already names Michigan his leader.

Michigan may also look at this as an opportunity to turn Tyrone Wheatley Jr. and his massive frame into an offensive tackle, this move would depend on Wheatley’s willingness to play OL and the depth at TE.

For those asking and concerned, I’m told Michael Onwenu is solid with Michigan, but you know how that goes….


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