Michigan Practice Rumors, Speculation & Innuendo!

It isn’t great for the QB position.  My sources tell me that none of the QB’s for Michigan are setting the world on fire. While Shane Morris has improved his approach, he isn’t killing it in practice.  There is a long way to go, but it appears that Jake Rudock is getting and taking advantage of his opportunities, neither is separating himself after one week in camp.  I’m told the bar has been set high but none of the QB are taking control of the race at this point.

I was told Shane is “Shane,” inconsistent and not ready to take a hold of the while the Iowa transfer, Rudock is “ok.”  It changes daily.

Some in camp are speculating there will be “QB attrition” as Speight and Morris attempt to figure out where they stand in the hierarchy, expect to see one or two of the QB’s transfer.

The running back competition is fierce between Issac, Green and Smith, but none of them are pulling ahead of the other, they are all talented but not one is making the case for the number one job.

The offensive line is looking good, Cole is the standout and I’m told the others are all improved and ready to play man ball in 2015.

The TE position group is impressing to the coaches.

I heard, but have not seen that Sam Webb is reporting there is “massive” experimentation going on in the secondary.  I have no clue what this means right now, but i’ll try to gain some clarity this week.

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