Michigan’s Jack Miller Now Says He Didn’t Leave Michigan Over Concerns About Head Injuries!

Michigan Spring GameI thought this was a little fishy.  Jack Miller now says he didn’t leave Michigan because of concerns about head injuries.  I wasn’t buying it at all as it was NEVER mentioned as part of his reasoning for leaving the Wolverines.  Jack Miller left because he was burned out and no longer felt like he could commit mentally or physically to the program.  The grueling Harbaugh practices were too much, he didn’t want to do it and decided he was going to get on with the rest of his life.  He didn’t have an NFL future so why stay another year?  Miller understood that there was no upside to staying another year. I’m not sure where the “head injury concern” narrative started.

This is the article by ESPN’s Joe Schad that twisted what Miller said into the “head injury” concern.  This is the reason people trust ESPN less and less by the day.   This is all Miller had to say “However, I’d be lying if I said that the concussion thing doesn’t scare me a little.” At no point did he say it was a factor in his decision to leave Michigan.

Read more about Miller’s most recent statement.

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