More Drivel From Sparty About Dantonio!

Yesterday a Fox Sports Analyst and former QB Colorado QB Joel Klatt argued that Jim Harbaugh is already the best Head Coach in the B1G.  He based it on his success at every level, including his trip to the Super Bowl with the SF 49ers.  Listen to his interview here.

Today we get a retort from the bastion on objectivity, “The Only Colors” blog.  The article claims the best coach in the B1G is Urban Meyer and number two is none other than Mark Dantonio, Harbaugh is third.  Check out the passage on Harbaugh and how this guy attempts to belittle Harbaugh’s accomplishments at Stanford and SF.  He literally claims Harbaugh “ran into” Andrew Luck at Stanford and inherited the leagues best defense in his first year at Stanford.  How about he “recruited” and convinced Luck to go to a team that was 1-11!!!  Here is a screen shot, you can check out the rest of the article here.  It’s dumb pieces like this that prove we can’t have nice things.


If you need any proof as to this guys objectivity, take a look at this profile.  This guy is feeding this drivel to Sparty and they are buying it. LOL



Let me see, should I take Joel Klatt’s word for it or some MSU slap licking a Sparty bell?  Nice was on women too ass-hat. Esh, fanboi’s.


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