National Writers Make Absurd Claim About Michigan “Masking Deep Issues”

There isn’t anything new in this podcast by Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel.

I’ll hold this up as a great example of drumming up content by simply putting Jim Harbaugh’s name on a post.  Listen to the podcast, they don’t even address the point they made in the headline about “masking deep issues” at Michigan.

This podcast appears to be complete baloney.  Am I missing something?  I didn’t hear them address “masking deep issues.”  The closest these guys come is concluding that Michigan is in a “rebuilding mode.”  Yes, they are in a bit of a rebuilding mode, but their assertion that 8 wins will be “lucky” is absurd, this program should get 8 wins minimum and with a little luck or an upset or 2 they could get to 9 or 10 wins.

It is very frustrating and unfortunate that this type of stuff makes it onto a major sports website as the headline is wildly misleading.  There aren’t “deep” issues at Michigan, they simply need better talent and that will come with time.  In the interview they didn’t even use the term “deep issues.”  Maddening.

Take a listen and let me know what  you think of the headline and the podcast.

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One thought on “National Writers Make Absurd Claim About Michigan “Masking Deep Issues””

  1. James says:

    Better talent? Some of the same talent that top teams that even Alabama and OSU were going after for the most part? How is that not good? Honestly I think the deeper issue that Harbaugh was going into was that these players need to be developed better. Coaching needed a serious upgrade.

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