Sporting News With Harbaugh Article For No Apparent Reason!


The Sporting News has an article today on Jim Harbaugh and I can’t figure out why?  The article focuses on recruiting, but there isn’t anything new, it’s a rehash of Rashan Gary, Isaiah Wilson, Signing With The Stars and Spring Practice at IMG in Florida.

If you didn’t think Harbaugh was the absolute most important story in college football, you should understand it by now.  There was no reason for The Sporting News to write this article other than clicks from the rabid Michigan fan base.  He’ll, there isn’t even an anecdote about Harbaugh’s breakfast habits or his incessant competitive instincts.

The article displays that Jim Harbaugh is HUGE for college football right now, everybody is predicting a National Championship…soon…for Michigan based solely on Harbaugh, how else do you explain the deluge of article literally about nothing?  Even when Harbaugh does NOTHING, these national publications are writing SOMETHING about the Michigan Head Coach.

I don’t mind Harbaugh getting any and all press, but shouldn’t it at least have some content or new information about the program and/or it’s players.  I love that the constant press pisses off Michigan’s rivals, that is funny to me, but these types are articles are a complete waste of time.

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