Today could be a pretty big day in Michigan Football recruiting history.  It started last night with a tweet from Detroit King High School Assistant Football Coach Terel Patrick when he tweeted this…


Sources tell me he is talking about a couple of different things…the commitment of one or two of his King players to The University of Michigan and the reinstatement of Dennis Norfleet to the program after a short suspension.  The players who might commit to the the program today are 4 star CB LaVert Hill, who is already committed to Penn State and 4 star Wide Receiver, Donnie Corley.  The story is, Tyrone Wheatly walked into King and flipped all these kids who were at one point considered “MSU leans.”  Seems like Sam Webb was hinting as much in a tweet yesterday.  

I’m sure we’ll find out today.  Jay Harbaugh seems to think something big is in the works, but that could be the commitment of  Farmington Harrison’s Khalid Kareem.  This kid is HUGE news on his own!


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