Harbaugh To Michigan Timeline

I’m hearing a lot of stuff from the national media about Jim Harbaugh and I’m shocked that it is exactly the opposite of what I hear from Michigan insiders.  Logic matters in the process, emotion is what is driving the decision.

Let’s look at the process logically.  If Michigan hasn’t fired Brady Hoke already, there has to be a reason, otherwise it would be smart to have already started looking for a new coach so the program doesn’t lose out to Nebraska and Florida with external candidates.  What does it tell you that there isn’t any urgency in the program to make a move?  What I am hearing is that Michigan has already been given assurances that Jim Harbaugh wants the job but they need to buy some time.  Here is what I am told is happening. Continue Reading…

Why Brandon Is Still At Michigan! The Answer!

Talked to some sources today that informed me that Dave Brandon is still at Michigan because of politics.

The New President at The University of Michigan doesn’t want to act right now and has asked the Regents to decide which way to go on the Athletic Director situation.

The President and the Regents would prefer that Brandon step down as AD, but sources close to both sides claim Brandon is adamant that he is not stepping down without his full contract through 2018.  Remember, he was gifted a new deal by his friend and outgoing President Mary Sue Coleman as a payback for Brandon helping get her the President’s gig.

Brandon is not going to go quietly and will take this whole department down if he doesn’t get what he wants when he leave the University.

The only way to make him go away is to pressure him and the Regents.