Where Is Michigan Picked To Finish In The Big Ten East??

M TicketsThe B1G Media members have released their 2015 predictions for the B1g and Michigan is picked to finish fourth in the East.  I think that is about right for a pre-season prediction, but I think a good case could be made for Michigan being better than Penn State.  It isn’t a big deal, but didn’t a bad Wolverines team beat Penn State 18-13 last season in Ann Arbor?  I’m not buying what Penn State is selling, I know the program is off probation, but they still aren’t very good and they can be beaten by Michigan in Happy Valley.  It’s not a big deal hear as we are talking about the difference betwen 3rd and 4th place.  All of the other predictions seem to fall right in line with conventional wisdom.


Here are the media’s predictions:


1. Ohio State 280 (40)

2. Michigan State 240

3. Penn State 186.5

4. Michigan 163.5

5. Maryland 95.5

6. Rutgers 78

7. Indiana 76.5


1. Wisconsin 272 (32)

2. Nebraska 231.5 (5)

3. Minnesota 197 (3)

4. Iowa 158.5

5. Northwestern 125

6. Illinois 77

7. Purdue 59

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