Why Are Michigan Fans So Unnerved By Michigan’s Win Over UNLV?

Talking to a lot of Michigan fans on social media and I’m shocked so many of them are unnerved by Michigan’s 28-7 win over UNLV.

It was very clear to me what was going in on Ann Arbor on Saturday, Harbaugh was working on the run game against a clearly over-matched team from UNLV.  In my mind this was a vintage “scrimmage” for Michigan, Harbaugh never had any intention of rolling it up on a little guy.

Michigan came out Saturday with the only purpose of running the ball and getting some work in for all the running backs and offensive lineman.  They were never going to throw the ball around the field.  Harbaugh is a methodical guy, he was there on Saturday to work on the run game.

Yes, Rudock was underwhelming, but that was it.  If Michigan is going to have success this year they will have to win with “man-ball,” they simply don’t have a QB who will be successful throwing the ball most of the time. Rudock is a game manager and a “ball protector,” he isn’t here to be spectacular, he is in Ann Arbor or bridge the gap while Harbaugh is able to develop a more dynamic passing game.  Jim knows that Michigan’s success in 2015 will come from their ability to possess the ball, wear out opponents and play great defense.  Thinking anything else with this group is nuts, they are too light on play makers to get into shootouts, they must run the ball and lean on opponents this year.  That philosophy will change going forward but for the time being and with this current group Michigan will be boring, stodgy and methodical in their approach.

Michigan rushed for 254 yards against UNLV, not great, but good.  That was the goal and it was a worthy goal on a windy, blah day in Ann Arbor.


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