Will Harbaugh Be Fired In SF Before The Season Ends!

Sorry, I don’t see Jim Harbaugh being fired before the end of the NFL season.  Why would San Francisco let him go before the end of the season, regardless of what happens in the last three weeks of the NFL season, Harbaugh will be a very hot commodity in the off-season, there is zero reason for the Niners to cut him loose early, as it appears the Niners will miss the playoffs with or without “The Harbaugh” in charge.

The Niner’s playoffs chances won’t change if Jim is or isn’t the head coach in the Bay, why cut him loose and get zero compensation?  That isn’t happening with Michigan willing to pay cold hard cash to free Harbaugh and it certainly isn’t happening with a couple of NFL teams waiting in line to hire him and willing to offer draft picks.

The Harbaugh to Oakland narrative is flimsy at best.  If you think he is going to Oakland based on his apparent “love” for Al Davis then you should also believe he is going to Michigan because of his well documented love of Bo Schembechler.  For every ying, there is a yang and I am assured the Bo pull is much stronger than the short time he spent with Al Davis’s Raiders.  If you think Michigan football is a disaster right now, the one in Oakland is only worse.

My sources in A2 stand by the Harbaugh “wants and will accept the Michigan job,” but NOTHING can or will happen until after the NFL season is over and Harbaugh’s club misses the playoffs.  You will hear a ton of rumors as this plays out, I would encourage Michigan fans to take them all with a grain of salt, including mine as we are all only as good as our sources.  I trust mind, but I also realize NO source is infallible and  only Jim Harbaugh knows what he is going to do in 2015.  I firmly believe my guys are plugged in and solid, so by association I will sink or swim with the people I have know and trusted for years.

No matter what NFL guys report, I’m not buying it unless it is followed by a Harbaugh quote.  I trust the college and local guys much more than I trust NFL writers with little or no understanding of Michigan football.  The NFL guys are nutty zealots for “the league.”  Harbaugh is one of you, he’s a Michigan geek.  His “geekdom” makes him one of you, which is passionate, irrational and ultimately in love with Michigan football.

I am willing to talk you off the ledge every time an NFL guy claims to know what is happening with Harbaugh and Michigan.  RELAX!


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